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Who We Are

Our Mission

Offering compassion, encouragement and hope through Jesus Christ for the purpose of equipping our clients to make life-affirming choices.


Central Texas LifeCare (CTLC) was founded in 1984, by Tommy and Devon Williams, who along with a few friends, acted upon a concern they had about the decisions young women   make when faced with an unplanned pregnancy.  After two name and location changes (originally called The Hays County Coalition for Life, then the Women’s Pregnancy Center), CTLC is now located at 115 Warden Lane, just blocks from the Texas State University campus and downtown San Marcos.  Although the mission has not changed over the past 30 years, the staff, board and volunteers of CTLC are constantly seeking ways to reach out and serve San Marcos and the surrounding areas.

CTLC provides all services free of charge and adheres to strict Policies and Procedures and serves its’ clients with excellent Standards of Care and Commitment.

Our Future

We at Central Texas LifeCare have a vision to expand our ministry.  This vision is all about helping single moms stop the repetition of poor choices that lead them and their children to  poverty and despair. Right now many of our clients are single moms without a good place to live  and care for their children. We are developing the LifeCare Ranch Program to provide housing for pregnant and single moms, and a welcome center for classes, visitation, and ministry.